Kind Words

Denise has such a calm, loving presence that she brings into her sessions.  No matter how chaotic I feel coming in, I always leave feeling very grounded and peaceful.  Her caring and non-judgmental nature makes it very easy to open up about any issues I may be facing. She is highly intuitive and helps bring a sense of clarity to challenges that feel overwhelming.  After a session with Denise, I can’t help but feel more positive, joyful and light-hearted.”


Working directly with Denise feels like being wrapped in a warm blanket while you explore and heal parts of yourself that need love and attention. She uses her wisdom, experience, and inner knowing to guide you to a place of healing, self love, and acceptance. She is a beacon of light, and I am forever grateful for her work in this world.


Denise Sutter’s warm and positive approach to healing is like a breath of fresh air. While she gently guides each client to connect to the path of healing within themselves, she is also offering profound, tangible support through her powerful presence.  Whether the work is done remotely (via phone or zoom) or in person, I have experienced transformative shifts in my body, mind, heart and spirit right away.  When sessions are complete, I feel relaxed, fulfilled and changed – ready to face my busy life again.

Mentor, Women’s Cycles of Magic, Mystery & Power

I’ve worked with Denise several times and each time I have, I’m amazed by her deep connection to her heart-field energy.  She emits a strong energetic of healing and love through this connection and brings this to everything she does.

Whether she’s helping you to integrate aspects of yourself that are ready for attention and care, or transmitting this energy through Reiki, Denise amplifies your healing through a deep resonance with her heart to yours.  I always feel grounded, regrouped and cohesive after working with her.  She shifts me in subtle ways that have a lasting and profound impact. 

I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Denise again and again as I know there is always room for growth, forgiveness, and reintegration of more of the self possible.

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