Energy Healing

What is energy healing?

Energy healing is a holistic, alternative therapy that works to balance the vital energy that flows through the human body.  It can move stagnant energy as well as remove blocks in the energetic system, thereby allowing the body to heal itself.  

It is a practice that is complimentary to Western medicine and can further enhance medicine or therapies. It is also helpful in relieving physical symptoms as well as emotional imbalance.

After a session of energy work, you can expect to feel calm, balanced, open and more energetic. The more open you are to receiving this work, the more beneficial the session will be for you.

What types of energy healing are there?

There are a wide variety of options when it comes to energy healing.  Just a few include acupuncture, sound therapy, Reiki, crystal therapy and Healing Touch. Spirit.heart.mind offers three different gentle, yet highly effective modalities:

As a certified practitioner of both of these modalities, I am able to assess which modality or combination will be most beneficial in helping you to return to your most authentic self.

In order get to know you and answer initial questions that you may have, I offer a free, 20 minute discovery consultation via phone call.

To schedule your free consultation, please use the link below:

who can benefit from energy healing?

Whether you are in need of a “time out” from your busy schedule to quiet your mind and slip into some deep relaxation or you are feeling anxiety, overwhelm or a lost sense of self, energy therapy is for you.